Tuesday, July 21, 2015

T-shirt of the month

For my baby shower I got 12 t-shirts and a bunch of fabric markers from my friend Ashley (who clearly knows me very well). Each shirt was numbered one to 12, and they got bigger in size. She told me to decorate them and then take pictures of Evan for each month of his first year.

I'm really looking forward to doing that. Here's a sneak preview of the shirts I made.

 I pulled a lot of inspiration for patterns from my pattern board on Pinterest.

These are such a great baby shower present! And so fun to make. Thank you Ashley!


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My to-go bag

You should pack a go-to bag for the hospital somewhere between 34 and 36 weeks, so that if you go into labor at any point, you don't have to worry. Your bag is in the car and ready to go. 

The hospital will have most of the things on this list, and you really only need a baby outfit, your own outfit and a car seat. But I like having my own stuff, it makes me feel a little bit more comfortable, not to mention that I'm all about being over prepared. 

Here's a small peek into my bag I have some clothes in there, flip flops, a robe, an extra scarf and socks in case the hospital gets too cold, and some comforting toiletries. I got Kevin Murphy samples from my hairdresser, they smell so good! The Aesop cream is another thing that I find instantly soothing.

Also, here's a nifty checklist I made. You can pin it, print it out, or use it to make your own.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Baby's first outfit

Baby clothes. Is there anything cuter? And even though I know babies mostly poop, pee and puke on them, I couldn't resist buying a few cute things for Evan. This is what I picked out for his coming home outfit.

We got most of the clothes from Amazon, the top and the socks are from Gerber. The shorts are from Lulu and Ro. Check out their cute Etsy shop. I'm in love with all their stuff.

The hat from Mato&Hash is so cute and functional, you can tie the top and resize it as the baby grows. Product designer dad really liked that feature. And they're crazy cheap.


Monday, July 6, 2015

Nursery in-progress

Baby's almost here, so we're hustling to get everything done for his arrival.

I got this little chair from Gilt. The three goats painting is one of mine, we hacked a frame from Ikea.
This little chambray lion is from Restoration Hardware. I love their Baby&Child stuff.
This name banner is another hand-made thingy. I looked around Pinterest a lot for inspiration. Perhaps I'll post a how-to sometime.

The mobile is also from RH. Mind you, they were having a sale, so I went a little nuts.

That's it for now. I'll keep posting and hoping y'all enjoy it.


Sunday, July 5, 2015

What I pinned

Being a first time mom is a little bit overwhelming. And the internet can be your biggest friend or your biggest nightmare, depending on what you're googling. Yes to searching nursery inspiration, no to looking at every possible pregnancy complication. Trust me, I took this pregnancy on as an independent research project and I wish I hadn't read half the things I did.

But what I did the most was pin a whole bunch of stuff, and here's a little roundup of my nursery inspiration pics. Actual pictures of the nursery coming soon.